A constant search for quality

Cultivating excellence

We believe in respecting the natural cycle of a plant, with passionate work between rows and skillful control of the ripening of the grapes. This allows us to achieve a perfect balance between quality and yield, yet wholly preserving the expression of the region’s territory.

Looking into the future, without forgetting the past

Authentic values and attachment to the territory

The pursuit of excellence in our products begins with a deep analysis of the territory, preserving its qualities and peculiarities. Only day after day, through studies, research and the enthusiasm we put into our work, we succeed in achieving the best results for our products, harvest after harvest.

Tradition, sustainability, and modern technology all combined together, keep the fruits’ properties intact; through the careful control of all the vinification stages, winemakers make sure that our products meet the highest quality standards.

Attention to the environment: a guarantee of our wines’ standard

To ensure maximum respect for the environment, from this year, the winery boasts the National Certification of integrated production S.Q.N.P.I. (Sistema di Qualità Nazionale Produzione Integrata). This certification aims to protect the sustainability of work in vineyards thanks to minor environmental impacts in plant protection against cryptogams (vine fungi).

Knowing that attention to the environment is fundamental for obtaining and guaranteeing the standard of our wines, in 2018 we undertook a program aimed at sustainability, through the use of a pheromone diffuser to control Grape Berry and Tortrix moths.

The diffusers are installed on the plants simply by anchoring them to the branches. The presence of large quantities of pheromone in the air, emitted by the female of the target insect, confuses males and prevents mate location and fertilization.

Sexual confusion (mating disruption) is a defense method against the main phytophagous mites of vines and now represents a consolidated value for companies that develop rational integrated defense plans.

The advantages it offers are of undoubted value and range from the effectiveness against the target insect - which is gradually reduced - to reduced environmental impact. Reducing insecticides also leads to economic savings.

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