Winery of Ramuscello

Attention to quality and shared goals have always made our work stand out

Over 150 Members bring to Cantina di Ramuscello the grapes grown in the territory.

Technology is needed to guarantee the high-quality standards we have personally established.

Our staff of specialists carries out all the necessary controls to monitor all production conditions: starting from the vineyard and continuing through all the processing stages of must and wine, with the aim of obtaining perfect wines!

5,000 tons of grapes per year

Cantina di Ramuscello annually collects and transforms roughly 5,000 tons of grapes. 90% of it is white. The Winery offers the best technology for processing the wines in order to best preserve its quality.

When receiving the grapes, generally starting from September, controls are carried out to asses their health status, their sugar content and acidity in order to establish the main quality parameters.


In general, the production process of white wines is as follows:

  • crushing and pressing;
  • soft pressing and separation of the skins;
  • clarification of the must;
  • fermentation;
  • obtainment of new wine;
  • sterile filtration.

In order to carry out the procedures foreseen by the established regulation, Cantina di Ramuscello has invested and continues to use resources for updating the technology employed in the plants and for controlling all production processes.

The latest winemaking techniques are used to guarantee maximum respect of the varietal characteristics of the grapes.


State-of-the-art systems are employed for red wines, enabling careful controls during the entire production process:

  • crushing and pressing;
  • fermentation with wort maceration;
  • obtainment of new wine;
  • racking;
  • storage in steel tanks;
  • stabilization;
  • sterile filtration.

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